05 August 2016

Italy overdue part due

After a few days at my father's house, we drove across Italy and headed for the Amalfi coast. We came by last year's destination, Naples, and the trip - despite my fear of driving on the motorway since last year's accident making it somewhat strained - was beautiful. We drove by Vesuvius and took in Naples from the top of a mountain before driving over on the sea side with the cliffs reaching deep into the light blue sea. Oh the wonders.
That's the outskirts of Naples...
When we arrived, we walked down to the harbour for a glance at the city. Some Israeli tourists took this photo which I love. Both because I'm in all black and the girls are in colours, and because of the lady in the back handling the photo business herself.
Amalfi isn't too bad. Apparently I've been here before; my parents spent their honeymoon here in June 1987. My mom was three months pregnant with me by then.
Kat and Anna are sun people and wanted to spend the days at the beach. So Klaudia and I took the ferry from Amalfi to Positano. The wind and sea was refreshing in all the heat.
Positano is just as beautiful as Amalfi. A little denser and richer (lots of yachts in the water and rich Americans) but charming.
Be still my heart!
When we came back to Amalfi, Kat and Anna happened to walk across the harbour and we went for ice cream. I love these girls, they're the best travel companions.
We stayed here and it was nice. There was a window in the shower which was heaven, because you could look out on the city and the cliffs and listen to people talking and old ladies singing in the adjacent houses when you were taking your bath. Heaven.
Klaudia and Anna pre dinner. Anna had bought the fan just a few minutes before and we were all admiring it. A fan was necessary by the way. Throughout the week we were in Italy, it was roughly 30 degrees each day.
On our last day, I did something out of character. I have never been one to lie on the beach a whole day but I was in a strange mood and I needed to rest a little bit, so I joined Anna and Kat's tanning regime and curled up in a beach chair with my book about the Hemingways and the Fitzgeralds in Côte d'Antibes in the 1920s. It was surprisingly wonderful to spend an afternoon like that listening to the waves coming in, watching tan Italian men strut by and just relax.

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