06 May 2017

Decorating the walls

It finally happened! After living in the apartment for 9 months, I finally dressed the walls of the living room today with the help of Tine and Chris. When they came over, I'd made banana pancakes and coffee to give us energy for the task. I'm able to hammer a nail into the wall, but not much else, so it was great to have them to help. They measured, hammered and arranged while I supervised and made more coffee.
Some of the posters are old ones; the black lady in the bottom left is painted by my brother Sølve, next to it is a photo I took at Christianshavn. In the middle of the two big posters on the bottom is an old map of Berlin I bought when I lived there. It's a reprint of a map from 1940 and it's slightly crazy looking at some of the street names of the time - Herman Göring Straße for instance...! The other posters are from Juniqe who were so kind to sponsor them. I was able to choose several posters from their huge selection and I'm so happy with the result. It was a hard choice because there were so many beautiful posters - go check out for yourself here.
(The K is here, Back to the 90s is here, the lady in frame is here, and the yellow abstract is here)
This blue poster is one Chris made for a project last year. I love the details of Copenhagen and I will love looking at it when I brush my teeth every night.
The other side of the living room looked all different from up on a ladder.

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