20 April 2017


About a month and a half ago, my friend Tine and I booked tickets to London over Easter. That was a good decision, because while it snowed in Denmark we roamed around the streets of the English capital in the finest spring weather. We had coffee, watched "The Lion King" musical, laughed, walked, and enjoyed the city. A few visual proofs;
We were up at 3am to go to the airport so when we landed in London around 8am local time, we were already pretty tired. So after dropping off our luggage at the hotel, we headed to Albion for a well-deserved full English breakfast plate and coffee. So so so good.
Afterwards, we walked around the streets of Shoreditch. I love this photo of Tine next to a clearly experienced poser.
Arnold Circus was so beautiful!
I think this photo of us in the underground is my favourite of the whole trip. We have been friends since 8th grade in 2001, isn't that something?
On Sunday, we were a little more rested and walked from Barbican, where we were staying, to Columbia Road for the flower market. I had been a few years before where there'd been plenty of flea market stalls but they weren't there this time around. The street was bustling and beautiful just the same.
We walked down Brick Lane where Chris used to live when she lived in London, and it was great to be back. The street was full of people and we ducked into bookshops and did people-watching and smelled all the streetfood.
Oh just look at those streets and the chimneys!
Hello Brick Lane!
On Monday, we went up to London Eye to collect tickets I thought I'd booked but hadn't. We ended up not going, but we came by Westminster and Big Ben and that was alright. It was strange being there just weeks after the terrorist attack, and there were flowers scattered over the bridge.
We headed to Oxford Street and spent the next 5 hours at Primark, Topshop among many others. It was perfect.
Afterwards, we needed a break so we took the 94 bus towards Acton Green. We had heard it was a particularly beautiful ride. It was nice, especially sitting on the top floor with a great view of Notting Hill, Hyde Park and the thinning city. Tine's grandmother is Norwegian and she had provided us with two Kvikk Lunch - a Norwegian Kit Kat - which we enjoyed in the bus.
For dinner, we went to Skylon at the Royal Festival Hall. It was my birthday present for Tine who recently celebrated her 30th and we had drinks and a seriously good dinner by the biggest windows overlooking the Thames.
Tuesday was our last day and we started by going back to Liverpool Street Station to buy shoes we'd seen a few days earlier. I bought these Adidas NMD.
We enjoyed the sun in front of St. Paul's. It was 18 pounds (18!) to go inside so we just had a quick glance through the doors and took a break on the stairs instead.
Not pictured are all the drinks we had Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The burgers and fish'n'chips we enjoyed. The little Harry Potter excited kid at the hotel with Gryffindor outfit and a wand. The celebrity we spotted at Albion. "The Lion King" (so good, we couldn't speak to each other because we were so close to crying). The lunch with Adam. The Harry Potter insanity at King's Cross' platform 9 3/4. And all the laughs. Thanks for a great trip, London! Always a pleasure!

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