04 April 2017


It's finally here! The light is exploding and it feels like I'm on a constant sugar high. I love spring and the fact that it's pure joy every single time. I also love May and June's more established version of spring with the long nights and the euphoria of summer's arrival. But there's more magic about those first spring days because they're the end of the long winter season. It's the same every year; you kind of forget that the weather can be anything else but grey, cold, dark and naked. And then, suddenly, the sun warms your face and illuminates everything and everyone goes crazy and stays outside all day and buy way too many plants and just can't get over the fact that nature puts on its show once again.
So, the plant buying thing. That's me. I used to be 'plant blind' as I called it; I wouldn't ever notice plants and I thought they were dull. But then last year I started buying flowers all the time and this year it's plants. They're everywhere in my apartment and I study them and look at them and worry about them getting enough water and light. I guess I truly am getting older... This one is my new favourite, it's so wonderful with its subtle shade of pink and the lines that look like they're hand-drawn.
The other day, I met up with Iben and Chris after work and we sat outside drinking coffee and hot chocolate. It was perfect.
 Earlier that day, Sølve called me at work and asked if I was doing anything. We had a quick lunch before I headed back to the office, but it was an hour well spent and I love that he wants to hang out with his big sister.
My living room is - despite the now embarrassing lack of posters on the wall - starting to really look like a home. It has felt like a home for many months but it doesn't look as empty any longer. Maybe it's all the plants.
The Ikea pop-up store on Østergade was not really a big hit for me - too much like the department store and not so well curated as I had hoped - but the flowers were beautiful.
Today I had impromptu lunch with Kathrine at Torvehallerne. We sat outside and the sun was beaming. I hope the weather is as wonderful wherever you are!

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