01 April 2017


After the visit to the parliament, the Danish instagrammers, the Polish and I walked through Strasbourg as the sun went down. It took maybe four times as long to get anywhere because we were all photographing like crazy, but it was good fun and we ended up having dinner by the river.
Here is Camilla of the blog and Instagram CopenhagenByMe.
We walked past this little old lady and her red scarf was just perfection.
It wasn't the best food, but it was a perfect way to end a day at parliament. Just evaluating with new friends and digesting all the impressions. Plus, I hadn't expected we would have so much fun together, all of us instagrammers. That was a nice bonus!
The next morning, we went out for breakfast instead of eating at the hotel. The others had an earlier flight home so we said goodbye and I went out to explore on my own before going to the airport. We had all wanted to go up on the roof of the cathedral the day before, but because people took so long photographing we came too late. So I went up on my own. And it was such a perfect view on a sunny spring day.
I will never - never! - grow tired of looking at towns from above. Especially when they are old and colourful like this one.
Look at this shop front!
That was it from Strasbourg. I can highly recommend a visit if you're in the area and in the mood for old narrow streets and beautiful buildings. Also, once again thank you for inviting me, European Parliament!
The trip was sponsored by the European Parliament. I haven't received any money, and everything I write and photograph is of my own responsibility.


Anna said...

The photos are so nice!

karen sofie said...

Thank you so much <3