06 June 2017

A N T W E R P 2

On Tuesday, we were equipped with bicycles and embarked on a tour around the city. After Monday's heat, the grey skies and cooler temperatures were a welcome break and for a Dane like me being on a bike was wonderful. We drove along the harbour - Antwerpen is home to Europe's second biggest port stretching over several kilometres.
We drove under huge cranes.
Before she died last year, renowned architect Zaha Hadid finished this impressive building on the harbour in Antwerp. The glass references both the sea's wavy blue notes as well as diamonds, one of Antwerp's biggest industries. Placed on top of an old firestation, the port house reaches both back in time and into the future at the same time. It's a building that some people love and some hate. I thought it was very fascinating.
There are comics on many facades around the city. It made me think of Tintin, one of Belgium's most popular comics.
Antwerp's central station is a majestic building, and although I didn't get to see whether it's true, apparently you can look directly into the zoo from the station...
We drove into the area Seefhoek, a multi-kulti neighbourhood with coloured houses and people in the streets.
In Berchem, we came by these beautiful palaces before our trip ended in front of the Jane. It's a Michelin-star restaurant in an area that used to be an old hospital. Today, it's turned into lots of cool apartments. As for the Jane, that'll be next time...
After lunch, we went to De Koninck, Antwerp's local brewery dating back to 1833 - at that time, Belgium as a country was only three years old. In 2010, the brewery moved a large portion of its production elsewhere turning the big halls into a food court; there's a cheese vendor, a chocolatier, a bakery, a restaurant, a butcher and of course the beer hall.
After a trip around the premises, we tried three of their beers - I think they were good, I don't know anything about beer and hardly ever drink it - and tasted some cold cuts and chocolate, too.
Lightheaded from the beer, we walked back to the hotel for a rest before going to dinner. Outside the brewery was this mural of one of their new brews. For dinner, we headed to Middle Eastern paradise Bizanaat (Kleinehondstraat 3). I was too busy eating hummus and eggplant to photograph, but check out more photos from day 2 at ThisIsAntwerp's Facebook page.
I was invited to Antwerp by VisitAntwerp. They showed us around the city and took us to restaurants and to meet locals. I haven't received any money and everything I write or photograph is of my own opinion and responsibility.

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