23 January 2018

January so far

It's such a cliché, but my god, time is flying by! Yesterday, as I was unlocking my bike, I heard birds singing and it dawned on me that I hadn't heard that sound for months. It also reminded me that spring will be here before I know it, and it was a comforting thought in the middle of the icy January air. So, February is around the corner, and here's what I've been doing in January so far;
The month began with Friday night pizzas at Behov (Rentemestervej 94, NV) - such a great place!
Two days later, I had brunch at my uncle's new apartment in Vesterbro. He got married over the holidays so the apartment is the first home for the new couple and what a place!
Later, I went for a walk with Tine. The air was cool but the sky was blue and every other Copenhagener was walking around the parks, just as we were.

We stopped by Grundtvigs Kirke and took in the view.
The sun also shone in my little place, and I love it even more with the light.
One very early morning I met Chris for breakfast downtown. The sky was so delicate as I passed Nyhavn.
Then I went to Jutland for a couple of days and passed by Aarhus to say hi to NP and Anna.
I picked up a fresh supply of coffee beans at my favourite Aarhus spot, La Cabra (Graven 20).
 Just look at those two! Any day now, Anna will give birth to a little girl, my niece. I can't wait to meet this new member of the family!
On Saturday, my father and his wife hosted their annual family Christmas lunch and we drank champagne, snaps, drinks and too much wine... NP and Anna couldn't be there, so the rest of us took a mandatory band photo and sent it to Aarhus.
Yesterday, I took a long walk around Nørrebro with a former colleague and her daughter.
The afternoon was spent at KEA where Anna is studying jewellery design. I took photos of her pieces and it was so much fun to have a little photoshoot. Now, bring on the rest of January!

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