26 January 2018


Next week, I'll be in a podcast talking about nostalgia. So over the last week, I've thought a lot about nostalgia, about how it's both a blessing and a curse. I've had long periods of my life where I couldn't be present because I longed for a time I could never have back. Now, I see the nostalgia more as a blessing. Something I use creatively when I write and something that makes me very grateful for the moments I've experienced. So I looked back at old photos and thought I'd share some with you;
 This photo of Marlene and AnCa is from my 23rd birthday in Berlin. We got so incredibly drunk and I had a fever that I drank away - and lost my voice in the process. It was such a fun night.
 From the second time in Italy with the girls. It was May and we grilled arrosticini beneath the mountains.
 When Jonas turned 24 in 2013, I came to Copenhagen from Berlin for the birthday party. I remember it as a very red night, and AnCa was there too, so we could take lots of weird party photos as always.
 Sølve looked cool as always when AE graduated from high school in 2015.
 My grandparents took me on many great North Jutland road trips when they still lived there. This is from one of them where we passed a great bird watching spot.
 From the summer where I photographed a lot on film (2012).
 NP on a donkey in the Israeli desert in 2011. What a trip! I was thrown off the same donkey about twenty minutes later...
 My aunt eating ice cream in the summer of 2014.
 The brothers in Italy over Christmas 2015. Notice the skilled grillers compared to the troubled Italian next to them...
 From one of the first weeks as roomies in 2014. Oh, we had many talks on that bench with beers and cigarettes!
 Light hair and browned skin and siblings taking a bath sometime in the beginning of the 1990s.
 I remember taking this photo in the summer of 2012. I was coming out of my leaving-Berlin-depression and this was one of the first moments I realized living in Copenhagen wasn't so bad.
 One of many band photos, 2009.
 My room in Berlin looking messy as always. It was a good place.
 AnCa walking home from a trip to Moabit in the spring of 2011. We felt like we owned the world.
 Chris and Iben at a party at the architecture school back when they were students there, 2009 or 2010.
 Walking after an Easter lunch, probably drunk, probably 2009. Oh Amalie's legendary pink leather vest!
 First day of school, 1993.
 Young mom and me in Paris, 1988. I suppose this is where I understood that cafés in spring light is always a good idea.
 Easter egg hunt in the garden in 1998.
 My grandmother and my mom in Paris, 1988. They later told me they were laughing at a very naughty joke about one of our family members...
 Kat and I hitchhiking to Copenhagen in 2010. We were going over there to apply for internships and my life would never be the same.
 Autumn 2011. I was so deeply unhappy about being back in Copenhagen but Jonas took me out to get drunk and it helped a little bit.
 AE and I spent a long, humid day in Rome in 2015 waiting for an evening flight home to Denmark.
 My wonderful grandparents looking ever in love in 2011.
 The night we got drunk and ran down to swim in the sea and stole an ice cream sign on the way back. It was a week or so before I moved to Berlin in 2010.
 Kat on her legendary bike Ulla. I think this is taken on our 'farewell Copenhagen' bike ride before we moved to Aarhus to go to journalism school.
Roar came to visit me in Berlin in October 2010 and we spent many days partying and laughing.

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