23 March 2018

Two months

Winter was supposed to be over a few weeks ago but it's holding on, sending frosty winds down the streets that make my eyes water. I'm still wearing my red winter jacket and my phone finally gave up because of the minus degrees. Hopefully, it was winter's last sacrifice. Time is moving fast and slow at the same time and I feel like I'm in my own bubble. Sometimes I manage to capture moments on my phone, other times I let them unfold without having to document them. I kind of prefer the latter. However, these are some glimpses of things caught on the phone:
January 27, 12.37. I meet Chris and Iben for brunch at Ipsen & Co. I was sick but tried to get through the days and it definitely helped being in good company.
February 2, 11.13. I love this corner of my living room.
February 7, 13.23. I'm working and the sun is sort of shining.
February 10, 19.23. Vanessa, Jonas and I are on a food exploration tour in an old villa in Østerbro. It's kind of weird but good fun, and afterwards we go out for pizzas.
February 13, 9.30. Ida and I hadn't seen each other for over a year when we met up at new hipster hub Andersen & Maillard on Nørrebrogade. The coffee was good and the slices of bread enormous. But the best thing was catching up with Ida who's had one crazy year with a documentary out and her fight for body positivism.
 February 16, 13.54. I took this photo of my happy self in a bus on my way to run errands. I had just talked with my mom who said that my niece was on her way. It was such a surreal moment running around town like I usually do knowing that in Aarhus, a new important person was being born.
 Same day, 14.50. I was borrowing my father's apartment that day and had a date night where we celebrated with champagne when we heard the news of Eva's birth in the evening. What an amazing night it was.
February 17, 11.03. We woke up to birds singing and the sun shining over Østerbro. It felt like spring was finally on its way but days later, it snowed and turned icy cold. It's like that every single year.
February 23, 13.08. My mom and I went to Aarhus and we had lunch at my favourite spot in the city, La Cabra. It never disappoints.
February 24, 12.32. Look at those two new parents. "We've fallen even more in love after having Eva," my brother said with a blissful face and I melted a little.
February 27, 14.33. Back in Copenhagen I soaked up every ray of sun I could.
March 2, 12.08. With March came the snow and it seems it hasn't gone away since. But it does brighten up my lovely yellow courtyard.
March 4, 11.34. A leaf is twisting and on its way on the monstera.
March 8, 13.22. And there it is in all its bright green glory. Today, the leaf is as big as the one in the foreground, and it's almost the same colour.
March 9, 13.26. After an interview in one of those small houses, I took a picture as the snow was falling. I was in a bad mood and tired of winter.
March 16, 7.46. I love my early breakfast mornings. This one was at Prolog in Kødbyen with Chris, the day before she left for a 3 week trip to Asia. I can't wait to hear adventures over an early breakfast when she returns.
 March 20, 17.47. The other day, the sky was blue and the sun golden as I walked past Storkespringvandet on my way home.
 March 21, 12.38. I was contemplating taking a nap there.
March 22, 9.42. I went for morning coffee here, my favourite neighbourhood coffee place. The owner knows what I want as soon as I enter, and this morning we talked about Interpol playing over the stereo. He was happy I could recognize it.

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