10 October 2014

On the move

We're getting to that time of year where seasons click and the weather can't seem to figure out if it wants to be warm or cold. Today, there's a distinct chill in the air and the sky is crisp and colourful. Yesterday, it rained, but was lukewarm. I'm running around doing lots of things, enjoying having lots of things to do, but also really enjoying those small windows of relaxing. I guess I can say, welcome to adult life.
Sunday afternoon, I attended a free tour of the new developing area of Copenhagen, Nordhavn (North Harbour). I met up with Tine, Luna and Jeppe and walked around for a good two hours looking at a construction site and imagining that new part of the city. It's strange to think it will be done when I'm in my 40s or 50s....
Our guide, Jørn, was amazing, full of warmth and funny comments.
These two old silos have been converted into office space as one of the first projects in Nordhavn. I must admit that despite everybody loving it, I'm not quite convinced. Maybe it's because I have an ingrown despise for new stuff...
The area's existing buildings are much nicer.
So, imagine this as a futuristic heaven?
On Monday, I went for lunch in Torvehallerne, and I love this grey building on Israels Plads (another part of town that's one big construction site...)
After work, I met up with Ilenia for a coffee. She was in town for a few days from Berlin and it was so great meeting her in person - we've been Instagram friends for a while. I had a little whiff from Berlin and we shared a nomad soul that was kind of nice. Good to hear I'm not the only one constantly on the move.
On Wednesday, I returned to Torvehallerne for lunch. It took me so much effort to walk by Coffee Collective without buying something (I had already had too much coffee...)


Michelle Rasmussen said...

Jeg hopper på ja-vognen, hvad angår de to siloer - dem kan jeg sgu godt li' (hvertfald set ud fra ét billede) :)

karen sofie said...

Heh, jamen helt fint. Jeg tror også, jeg er den eneste, der er lidt tilbageholden :)