05 October 2014

A week gone by

So, another week flew by. I am running around doing all sorts of things, so there's not much time for blogging. Hope you'll bear with me... Here's some of what I've been up to:
Tuesday, it rained practically all day. I met with Kathrine after work for a hasty dinner before going to see the new Ekstra Bladet documentary along with other journalists.
The film was really interesting, and afterwards we were joined by the director of the film and the editor of Ekstra Bladet for a Q&A round.
On Wednesday, I went to Statens Museum for Kunst to see the new Elmgreen & Dragset exhibition with AnCa. We took lots of selfies and had a blast, as always.
Saturday's breakfast was magic; bathed in sharp autumn sunlight, I had avocado on toast, coffee, and read Politiken's culture section from cover to cover.
Later, I walked down to Guldbergsgade where Iben and Ulrik had a stall at the little flea market. We had some great laughs, and Ulle and I went to the new Mirabelle for a very pricy coffee and some ooh'ing and ahh'ing over the furniture and the floor.
Nørrebro is so pretty.
La scène du jour.
It was so great walking home in the sun with music in my ears.
As the night grew dark, I went to Madklubben for dinner with the brothers.
Later, we had beers at Din Nye Ven. Sølve and NP looked rather skeptical, but I think they were just posing for the camera, because off camera they were cracking jokes as usual.
AE also posed a bit... Apparently he only knows one face?
I wished I could take home that red lamp...

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