30 September 2014

Life lately

So, having a full time job makes your blog suffer. I have long overdue glimpses to share, glimpses of a life that is pretty good right now. I had forgotten how amazingly fulfilling it is to have a purpose with your day: going to work, doing stuff, familiarizing myself with my metier. Not that freelancing hasn't been good, it's just been different and I needed change despite not knowing it myself. Copenhagen is growing into autumn and it's both nice and sad saying goodbye to summer. Summer was good this year, but luckily I have equally good things coming up, and I'm just generally enjoying life.
I like watching the rooftops from my window at work. Especially when the sun casts its shadows over the bricks and splashes of green.
From the small kitchen there's a view to Christiansborg.
One night, roomie Kathrine - who is by the way an excellent chef, lucky me! - made risotto.
Last weekend, I met Christoffer for brunch at Taxa (Hørsholmsgade 32, Nørrebro). How photogenic it was, and what a great way to wake up on a Saturday.
The next day I made brunch myself as I had had the youngest brother spending the night in the ghetto. For Sunday brunch, we invited over the eldest brother and his girlfriend.
Sunday night was spent with Kristiane. We did a little shopping and had burgers at Sporvejen after a walk around the cool, empty city as the light grew dark.
I love the colours of Gråbrødretorv.
On Monday, I took a walk around my old hood in Inner Nørrebro. I am addicted to the long lines of the city's streets. And I think autumns' grey skies make for great photo light.
On Thursday, I had coffee outside with Klaudia. I managed to take this disastrous shot of Elmegade in late afternoon sun - and Klaudia's head...
This Saturday, I met up with Luna, the author of 'Bag De Gule Gardiner', a book about Nørrebro's bodegas. I photographed her for a project I will unveil soon, and she ended up also photographing me.
We walked around the Kapelvej kiez looking for cool photo spots, and we stumbled into this quaint backyard where we both proclaimed we wanted to live. I love those hidden gems (and industrial buildings).
At night, I had whisky drinks with AnCa, Kirstine and Kathrine at Din Nye Ven (Sankt Peders Stræde 34, Indre By). On Sunday, I discovered that three (3!) drinks equal a nasty headache when you're at the tender age of 26. Thank god I still have some strong aspirins left from Berlin...
Yesterday morning began with this foggy light on my morning commute along Nørrebrogade. I really really miss the empty bike lanes in Berlin. Copenhagen has far too many cyclists and I loathe those long bike snail trails.
The night ended in inner city with a walk along the empty streets where we passed this old one, the politicians' favourite watering hole...

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