20 September 2014

Eggs and citylife

And then a week flew by. I started a new job on Monday, and boy is a full schedule something you have to adjust to after 2 years of freelancing and having all the time in the world! But it is also so much fun and very rewarding to have an everyday life at work with new things, routines, and colleagues. I'm going to be there the next 8 weeks, and the first one has just flewn by.
On Sunday, I made eggs benedict for Chris' birthday.
It was great, as always, to be back in her old apartment in Vesterbro. It's been my home away from home for the last 5 years, and even though she hasn't really lived in it for years, it's still 'her place'.
The view from my new office downtown is pretty great.
On Thursday, Tine picked me up from work, and then she walked me all the way home across town. It was such great weather so we had ice coffees to go and stopped by the lakes for photos. I'm really enjoying these indian summer days, because they say autumn weather is just around the corner...
Copenhagen, you're pretty great.


Niken said...

looks like a lovely week you have. i'm a freelance since the first day i started. sometimes i'm thinking about taking a full time position for some time to gain more experience, but i haven't taken the leap yet. hhha.

good luck on your new job!

p.s : i love your photos of the city

karen sofie said...

Niken; Thank you! Yes, freelance life can definitely be great, but it also stresses me out a lot :) I'm happy you like my photos, and good luck on the job hunt - if you decide to take the leap!

Astrid said...

Tillykke med dit nye job.
Du tager de smukkeste billeder af København. Bliv ved med det.

karen sofie said...

Astrid; Tusind tak. Åh, hvor dejligt at høre!