25 September 2014


Tuesday was a great day. These days I'm happy all the time; I love my new job, I feel surrounded by great people, and I just feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be right now. Tuesday was particularly nice; Copenhagen was bathed in a golden autumn sunlight, I had lunch with my father, I got some great assignments at work, and my day was topped off by a lavish food event hosted by the American embassy. So here's to great things!
My breakfast view was this one; a leftover wine bottle from the previous night, some beautiful flowers, a Politiken read, and my beloved map. The light these days is good.
My father at lunch. He has locked the Bruce Willis-frown down.
Lunch at Diamanten (Gammel Strand 50) was lavish; I could barely eat half of my chèvre chaud explosion.
On my stroll back to work, I passed through one of Copenhagen's oldest streets.
After some hors d'euvres and an apple whisky starter, the first course at the American food event was shrimps and ocra foam...
The main course was duck with fried rice balls and a pure of pumpkin.
Dessert was chess-cake with ice cream and some things I can't remember (we had wine with our dinner, so my memory quickly fades - I do remember, though, that everything tasted wonderfully.)

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