11 September 2014

That feeling

That nomad feeling has come to life again. I don't know what it is, and it's making me upset and annoyed. I am so happy right now, living in Copenhagen suits me, I'm so happy to be surrounded by friends I've missed so much in Berlin, and worklife is going good as well. So why does my restlessness start to stir again? Maybe it's just old habits, maybe it's some weird anormality in me that refuses to be satisfied. I don't know but I'm exploring the feeling and trying to see if it won't just go away again. I hope so, because life right now is pretty good.
The new issue of Copenhagen Food features my French eateries in Copenhagen-guide on page 96. I really love this edition's cover. Plus, there are some really good articles in there.
On Tuesday, we had our monthly food-get-together, and Kathrine, Anna, little Esther and I decided to walk to Amalie's house in Vesterbro from our hood, Nørrebro. What lovely company - and a potent antidote for my nomadness!
When we reached Vesterbro, the rain started pouring, but luckily Anna was prepared and had enough raincovers to go around. We had such a good evening at Amalie's with the rain drumming outside the windows and candles inside. I love being able to attend these monthly dinners and not just wishing me there from far away.


Hanna said...

Perhaps some are eternal wanderlusts? I felt restless in Sydney, which is why I moved halfway across the world to London. I'm already thinking of my next move after London :/

karen sofie said...

Hanna; Thanks for writing, I'm 'glad' to hear I'm not the only nomad here. Though it's not the greatest feeling as I can sense you feel, too. I always thought it was the best thing ever to be so mobile and out and seeing the world, but the older I get, the more I get the feeling of being the odd one, the one that can't find rest when everybody else is settling down. Glad to hear I have a partner, though I hope - despite new adventures sounding awfully intriguing - that you find some kind of rest in where you are.