07 September 2014

September glimpses

It was a cold end of August and a warm beginning of September. I've been riding a high the last few weeks, roaming around the city, meeting great people for interviews and upcoming projects - will unveil soon - and it feels so utterly amazing. I don't think I've been this happy-in-the-moment since living in Berlin in 2011. Who knew it would be Copenhagen that'd make me feel like that?
The sun has been streaming in the windows in the kitchen where I have my home office. I love having the map in front of me when I work.
Last week's coffee with Flora Amalie and friends at Coffee Collective in Torvehallerne.
I love Copenhagen's harbour.
Some phone photos from my trip around town with Mette.
A Nørrebro facade at dusk.
Because of the heavy rain last weekend, the washing area in the basement was flooded and I had to take the laundry to a laundrette nearby. There's something equally spooky and old fashion about those places.
Thursday morning I had a meeting at Vesterbro.
I spent the afternoon in the scorching sun with Kathrine. We headed to Nordvest for a coffee. That area makes me think of a more rough Aarhus, or the suburbs, because the buildings are lower and tinier than in the rest of the city.
At night, we had beers on Elmegade and ended up dancing around the living room when we got back. Yes, there was air guitar and Beyonce involved. Best roomie ever.

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