14 September 2014


It rained most of this weekend, and I felt it was the first real autumn-weekend this year. The colours of buildings and trees came sprawling out as the drops fell, and it made for a beautiful scene for a walk. So Saturday, I walked around in the older part of Copenhagen, took photos of colours and cobbled stones and tried to avoid getting too rainy. Today was Christine's birthday, and we celebrated it in her old apartment in Vesterbro. I made eggs benedict, and we had champagne and had a blast, us 8 girls. Tomorrow, a new chapter will begin that I'm both anxious and excited to start. I will elaborate soon.
Friday night was spent first with my father and his wife. I made them sushi and they brought wine - lots of wine, naturally. When they retired north, I headed further downtown for cocktails with the girls at The Barking Dog until well into the night.
The trees in Kongens Have are still summery green, but it won't be long until they start dressing for autumn.
We walked down to Nyboder with the yellow soldiers' houses built by Christian IV. I'm rarely in that part of town which is a shame, because it is really beautiful.
Peek-a-boo Marble Church!
Nyboder's yellow houses are quite intriguing.
We also came by what must be Copenhagen's smallest house. At least the narrowest...
Copenhagen really is beautiful like that.


viola lila said...

Lovely pictures on your blog :)
x Viola

Niken said...

i've always dreamt of my own red door. now i think i want a blue one. and that pale blue brick wall is just so pretty!

karen sofie said...

Viola Lila; Thank you!

Niken; Yes, there are so many beautiful spots like those brick walls here. I'm just finding out how many right these days :)