01 February 2015

24 hours in Aarhus

I spent the weekend in Aarhus visiting my brother who studies philosophy there. It was just me, the brothers and my dad, and it was so much fun. We had carefully planned road trip mixes for the drive, and in Aarhus we went to Moesgaard Museum, had crazy good cocktails at St. Pauls Apothek (Jægergårdsgade 76) and crazy good food at Klassisk65 (Jægergårdsgade 65) where we were the last to leave and had epic laughing fits, helped along by great amounts of wine. Today, we had breakfast and a velvety flat white at La Cabra (Graven 20) before hitting the road back to Copenhagen. Tomorrow, I'm starting a new job, and this weekend was the perfect energizer for that. Wish me luck!
The sky over Moesgaard yesterday was a wintery purple.
Of course there was time for a mandatory band photo. The boys are getting tired of these....
I love Klassisk65! We went there when I finished journalism school last year, and this time it didn't disappoint either. I went for the tartare again, and everything was divine!
The city hall with its famous tower looked alright this morning from the hotel window.
Aarhus doesn't wake up until 11am on a Sunday, so we had a bit of a wait for our coffee. It was cold but sunny, and we cracked jokes in the meantime.
Of course the coffee didn't disappoint. And I loved the fashion appropriate marble table, too.

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