27 January 2015

For your ears; strangers

I recently read an article in Politiken about LA-based Dane Lea Thau who curates the podcast 'Strangers'. Here, people tell their stories, often about loss, love, being strangers, and they're so powerful. I never listen to radio, but the last couple of days, I've been lying on my bed, drawing, playing games on my phone or just looking up in the ceiling, all the while these amazing stories have unfolded in my ears. I cannot recommend it enough! Especially Liz Fletcher's story about a romance with a huge twist, 'Two Men and a Baby' about a gay couple adopting a child that might not end up with them, and 'Falling Slowly' about a woman who falls down a tree and changes her life. Listen to the podcasts, often just about half an hour long, right here. ENJOY!

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