26 January 2015

Glimpses of things

I'm feeling a little strange these days, lots of things are going through my head and I feel unable to tie the strings. Maybe it's just the grey weather, but I feel a little lost, like once again I'm without direction, just purposelessly wandering around in my own life. Then I have lots of fun one moment and am overwhelmed by numbness the next, overwhelmed by that 'what am I doing?'-sense that always lurks around. Let's hope for spring soon.
Vesterbro was grey the other morning. Grey and brown.
On Monday, I went out for dinner with the girls. Antidote (Jægersborggade 56, Nørrebro) is highly recommendable!
On Friday, I did an interview in the morning and thought I'd be knocked over by the cold wind as I walked home from inner city.
The weekend was spent in the north at my father's annual Christmas lunch. The brothers were there, and as always they gave me new energy. We watched X Games and nursed our hangovers yesterday, and it was perfection (the photo is blurred, though...)

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