06 January 2015


I never make new years resolutions. I always forget what they are and I don't try to live up to them. One of the things my life has taught me is that you never know what is around the corner, and I think I prefer to let life surprise me rather than try and steer it in some direction. But that doesn't mean I don't have hopes for this new year, not even a week old yet. One of the things I really want is to travel more. Not counting moving from Berlin to Copenhagen, I traveled 5 times in 2014. To Stockholm, Italy, Berlin, Stockholm and Berlin. They were great trips, all of them, and I hope to do a little more this year. Hopefully I'll be going back to my father's house in Italy, but there are a million places I'd like to go, too. US, Australia, Eastern Europe... With my unsteady freelancer's income we'll see what it ends up with, but you never know. Do you have new years resolutions?
Stockholm in May was cold but beautiful, and it was great fun experiencing one of the other nordic cities, one I'd never visited before.
Italy, and in particular the Abruzzo region where my father's house is, means something very special to me, and being there is always magical. I hope I can spend time there again in 2015.
In the last days of June, I went back to Berlin to pack up my apartment and say goodbye. It was nice to see people I miss in Denmark, and it was also good to really feel that I'd made the right decision to move back to Copenhagen.
In October, I took Iben and Mette with me to Stockholm to visit Chris. She moved back to Denmark in December, so it was good we had the chance to see Stockholm with her before she moved back home. It's such a lovely city. Majestic and proud and beautiful.
A week after Stockholm, I spent 24 hours in Berlin doing a story for the newspaper. It was a short visit, but a good one. And I hope to come back again sometime this year. I don't really miss Berlin, just some things like people and coffee and the vibe of living in a big city...

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