15 January 2015

Rainy day troubles

I'm longing for some sun and some light. I feel the last weeks have all been stormy, rainy, windy, cold. Yesterday, it snowed and everything was covered in a quiet layer of white. I was interviewing but wanted to go out for a walk and photograph the white city, but when I was ready about an hour after the snow came, it was all gone.
Most of my mornings start with avocado on rye with poached eggs. And coffee! After my birthday where I got so much coffee equipment, coffee has become quite the daily indulgence.
On Monday, I baked cardamombuns after this recipe. Soooo good!
OK, so there was a brief moment of sun the other day, but it went by quickly.
I love the way that building has gotten extra rooms by the new add-on building.
I love tulips!
My walk yesterday turned into a rainy one so I cut it short. I am so ready for spring now.
After handing in an article this morning, I met Chris for breakfast at Superkaffeforsyningen (Møllegade 3, Nørrebro). Great breakfast, great coffee, great company. Now; work!


Becca Waterloo said...

i love your breakfast scenes, i really wish i could join you sometime in my life!
i know how you feel about the boring weather - this year i've decided to just...enjoy this weird winter. last year i was so miserable, but whats the point? it'll be sunny soon, i almost prefer overcast weather for photography :) it'll come soon!

karen sofie said...

Yes, that would be so much fun! I wish that, too. I think your attitude towards the weather is a good one, I'm choosing that as well, but it has its difficult moments...

Deborah said...

As always lovely photos! I have been out in the rain today, and it was horrendeous! It took me half an hour to "defrost" under the hot shower.

Well I have to warn you, they've promised winter weather from now til April!! So a bit early to want spring - and we have had snow in April too - sorry!!

The snow the other day - I was quick.

karen sofie said...

Deborah; Thank you! I'm getting so tired of this weather, the blue sky is great to have back but the wind... I guess we're never satisfied. But I'm still waiting for spring :)
Have a great weekend!

susanne said...

the cardamom buns looking devine :)*

karen sofie said...

Susanne; Oh they were!