03 January 2015

New Years

I celebrated New Years up north in my father's house. They were in Italy in their house down there, so I invited up 10 people to stay over, and it was the BEST New Years ever! Some came up the day before, and we watched movies, slept in, went for a walk to the beach and got ready for a night of partying. On the 31st, we had amazing food - one of the perks of getting older is that people really have their shit together, and we cooked a deer, made kale goods and ate cake coulant for dessert. We watched the fireworks from the top balcony that allowed us to see all the way to Sweden, and then we danced like crazy until 6,30 am where we just collapsed around in the house. The next day was spent cleaning up, nursing hangovers and making a bed in front of the TV where we watched 'Girls' and had pizzas delivered. Such a good 48 hours! My camera is not suited for party photos, though. I have to do something about that in 2015. So no photos from the party this time around...
After Christmas, I was almost allergic to warm food and only needed fresh things. So I took a long walk in -8 degrees to have fresh air blowing in my face. At the harbour, I came by this little mirror and crouched down for a little selfie.
The beach was deserted and the sand was hard from the freezing temperature. I felt like it had only been weeks since I'd walked down there in 30 degrees in full summer.
There's something breathtaking about that place!
As the last sunlight left 2014, Chris, Lene and I went down to the beach. It was so beautiful.
And then there's the one photo from New Years Eve that wasn't blurry or over-flashed.


Macchia said...

I loved the photographs. I'm going to Europe next month, it was really inspiring. Keep on with this kind of storytelling, it's really great.
I'm from Argentina, by the way.


karen sofie said...

Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful trip to Europe :) And hello to Argentina!