18 September 2015


Yesterday, I spent the morning at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, roaming around with fellow instagrammers (more about that later). I rushed home to finish a piece, and my editor said I was her favourite freelancer. I went to the movies with a friend and giggled in the red velvet seats. The evening was spent having dinner with some great people from work.
It was one of those days where I was so busy that I kept an adrenaline high all day, and then it feels like my skin is pushing in, like I'm going to float away. All my thoughts are stronger and clearer and sometimes even unbearable. I felt so incredibly happy and so lost at the same time; I am just anxious to get back to the city soon, to have a life where I feel like I'm in control and not being controlled by outside things. Today looks different; I got a good night's sleep and although I'm still busy, I feel like I have the upper hand. Maybe it's the seasons changing?

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