30 September 2015

A bit from Jutland and some from Saturday

Last week, I spent a few days in Jutland at my mom's. Two seconds with her and I start knitting - which was actually great fun and super relaxing. Some days later, I roamed the streets of Copenhagen with 2/3 of the brothers. We were on a shopping mission for NP who was in dire need of T-shirts that fit his broad shoulders. I sent him back to Jutland the next day with 6 T-shirts and a jacket - mission accomplished. We also had time for catching 'Straight Outta Compton' in the cinema. I had very high expectations for the movie but was a little disappointed. The story was good, but it should've been told differently I feel. But watching it with a lot of males in their early 20s who were clearly fans was fun.
First I spent the weekend at my grandparents' in northern Jutland. It's always a pleasure and I love those two so much. They're full of fun and good stories, and it's something very special when I'm there.
My mom and I went out for brunch in her town. We were really disappointed until they started loading ham and cake on the buffet - that was after this photo. There wasn't time to take another as we indulged. But we had a good time there just the two of us.
On Saturday, before we hit the cinema, I took the brothers up in Rundetårn. I love the view from up there and it was a beautiful sunny day.
Copenhagen is extra pretty these days because we're having the most wonderful weather. Please stick around!

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