08 October 2015

All over the place

Oh, and then we were almost half way into October. I'm working like a mad woman these days, sometimes from morning to past midnight. But it's fun and I'm lucky to be so busy. I spent a few days in Copenhagen crashing in my old apartment, and being back was great. Also to hang out with Kathrine, playing the hausfrau with food on the table when she came home from work. I had coffee with good people, including my happy brother who was a true bundle of good energy. Now I'm back in the north, working, but today I took a half day off with a book, some episodes of 'Friends' with my brother, and a bucketload of coffee. Oh, and it's stormy, grey and truly autumnal outside...
Met up with AnCa on Saturday for some lunch at Bang & Jensen. It had been forever since we last saw each other because she's been in the US. Of course, there was a lot of laughing in the autumn sun...
Later, I went for a walk with Chris. We had coffee at Coffee Collective and watched the sun go down behind the beautiful buildings in Jægersborggade.
 Afterwards, we went over to Mette's for a night of pizza, cocktails and lots of old school hip hop.
The entire year I lived at Kathrine's in the ghetto, I longed for a coffee shop around the corner. What happened the second I moved out? A coffee shop opened.... Whenever I needed a break from writing these last couple of days I went by for a coffee. It's so cheap (25 kr for a double shot latte!), the vibe is cool and local, and the boys behind the counter were cute. A blurry shot, but you get the idea.
I love the old school bedding I slept in.
On Monday I met Michelle for a coffee in Vesterbro. It was good seeing her, and I wish she lived closer, she's always great fun to hang out with.
I wrote an article in the latest Brygg Magazine. So if you're able to read Danish (and Norwegian), you should go pick it up. It's such a beautiful magazine full of good stories and stylish layout.
And this pretty much sums up my day. Apart from a few hours of working, I'm spending the day in bed with coffee and John Steinbeck. Have a good one out there!

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