26 October 2015

5 years

Somehow I forgot it, but this little blog actually turned 5 in July. It's sort of strange to think that the last 5 years can be found here in some form... It started out as a journal to keep friends and family updated on my Berlin whereabouts. Later, I wrote about the pains of coming back to Copenhagen, of missing Berlin so much I couldn't live in the present. I took the blog with me to Aarhus and to Montreal and back to Berlin. Sometimes I scroll through some of the old pages and have a good laugh about what I've written, about the things I've done and about those things you go through when you're in your 20s. I like to have it as a visual diary, glimpses of life lived. My relationship to the blog has changed a lot through the years. I spent a lot more time in here in the beginning and thought every post through. These days I post whenever I feel like it, and I have thought many times about closing it down because I felt like it had outrun its purpose. But I never get around to closing it, because it's an archive of the last 5 years of my life where so many things have happened. I have tried to find my favourite entries, and they are here:
My first entry (in Danish)
About meeting the eccentric Berliners (in Danish)

One of the first really amazing nights out in Berlin (in Danish)
Went to Israel to visit my father's sister (in Danish)
The end neared in Berlin and it still physically aches to read this (in Danish)

One of the best parties in my life (and still the most read entry so far) (in Danish)

The blog switched to English as I came home to Copenhagen

We moved into the White Castle, and it's still the best place I've lived
Of course there was need of a good housewarming party, too. It was a blast! And it led to lots of things...
AnCa and I went on an incredible Eastern European trip. Belgrade was our favourite
I couldn't deny I was actually quite happy in Copenhagen despite missing Berlin so much

After a few months in Aarhus, I moved to Montreal. It was cold.

The guys and I went to New York on a roadtrip

Montreal was mostly about partying. But also about journalism and wondering what was next
I moved back to Berlin and liked it for a while, but it didn't feel quite right
Suddenly I decided to move back to Copenhagen and I haven't regretted it since
I am so glad you're following along despite the random entries - some have been reading along since the beginning, and I love that. Let's see how things look in another 5 years!


Anonymous said...

Hello! Patty from Philippines. Oh, please don't close your blog. I love reading it and looking at the pictures attached. It's like I'm taking a walk with you in europe. :) Your blog actually is one of my inspirations to keep writing about my little adventures too! God bless you!

karen sofie said...

Hi Patty, thank you so much for your kind words. That makes me so happy to hear. I'm not planning on closing it down right now, it's just a thought I've had sometimes during the last couple of years. I'm happy I can make European adventures travel all the way to the Philippines! All good from here :)