11 October 2015


One of the last days of September, I met Kathrine for a walk. It was such a beautiful weather; the rays warm and sharp, and everything just wonderful. We went for a walk in Dyrehaven just north of Copenhagen. I love that place; to me it's all the best of that area - wild nature with big flocks of deer running around, and the sea is deep blue in the distance. The male deer were in heat and made deep roars that echoed across the plains. It was slightly terrifying but also fascinating. We got a little lost, but had a great time.
You can get pretty close to the deer, and to someone who is most comfortable on concrete, that is quite overwhelming.
One of the old inns in the gardens.
My date du jour.
Erimitage castle is located right in the centre of the park. It's situated on the top of a hill and overlooks the grounds, the forrest and the sea below. I would move in tomorrow.
When the roaring deer became too much, we went down to the coast road and looked at the big mansions there - these wooden houses looked quite Swedish and out of character for the area, but beautiful in the dim light.

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