31 December 2016

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The year is coming to an end and what a year it's been. It felt like there was constantly bad news; Brexit making my British friends scream with frustration; the American election which was one long, horrifying spiral downwards below anything most of us could probably conceive of an election; terror attacks; Syria, people seemingly growing further and further apart. Personally, the year was a little different from 2015. I bought an apartment where I feel like I can stay for a long time, and I know I can stay for as long as I want. It simultaneously scares and calms me. I traveled, I was with my friends and family, and I felt like I became more aware of the bonds I have with other people. I did a lot of thinking and reached some big conclusions, and I feel like I'm leaving 2016 behind a more grounded person. I am anxious to see what 2017 brings internationally, but personally I have high hopes.
Now, a little of 2016;
In January, I moved into AnCa's apartment on Vesterbro. It was so nice to have a place of my own, and I felt really good there, even despite the downstairs neighbour smoking so heavily, the smoke making its way up through the floors so I often couldn't sleep in the bedroom.
I hadn't lived in Vesterbro for years and it felt good making that part of city feel familiar again. I took long walks around the streets as winter slowly turned into spring and into summer.
It snowed in January, and I went up Christiansborg's tower for a snow-kissed view.
One morning in the end of January, I met AnCa and Kristiina for brunch downtown and we walked around a foggy, silent city. It was blue and kind of magic.
I walked to work one day in the beginning of February. It was one of those days where the sun shines in a way that makes you - stupidly - think that spring has come early. It happens every year and every year I'm betrayed by winter's deceit.
That same month, my father's wife's mother passed away, it happened so suddenly. It put everything in perspective and we went back to her idyllic house to say goodbye. It was a peaceful, beautiful goodbye.
I walked around a wintery Copenhagen.
Amalie issued her second book and I read it one day where I was home with a flu. It is absolutely marvelous (Danish readers, find it here)
The light grew stronger and I enjoyed the longer days and the sharpness of it all.
My mom celebrated her birthday in March in Copenhagen with a brunch for her friends. I was lucky to come along, too.
I read books and made pancakes for lunch because I'm an adult and make my own decisions.
In the end of March, I went over to visit my grandparents. It was to be one of the last times I went to see them in their home in North Jutland. I miss that place.
Early spring meant lots of talks on Vesterbro sidewalks. Often at Rist in Værnedamsvej, often with coffee and croissants.
I met Sølve for a Parisian coffee and biscuits and a long talk. I love how close we have become as adults.
In April, all of Copenhagen went to Bispebjerg Kirkegård to see the sakura. It was lovely, yes, but also slightly hysterical with all the attention.
In late April, I went to my father's house in Italy for a semi-spontaneous trip with my uncle. We talked and talked and watched the mountains disappear and reappear behind the clouds.
We took long drives, listening to music and talking and looking out the window, and I once again felt overwhelmed by the beauty of that place.
The day after I got home from Italy, I went to Bath with my mom. It was our Christmas present to each other.
It was wonderful to have her for myself over a weekend and we did all the things my brothers would hate; lived in an old house, felt like we were walking around in a Jane Austen movie, drank lots of tea and giggled.
In early May, it was suddenly summer and I met AnCa for brunch in her new hood downtown before heading on assignment.
A few days later, I had guests over for dinner on the roof.
And one night, I spent roaming around the city being filmed for a little video. It was one of those magical spring nights where you fall in love with your city all over again.
Soon, the sun vanished again and made way for damp, grey days where everything seemed bursting with moist. I went to Nørrebro to inspect my coming apartment and it felt so good.
When the sun came back in June, I spent most mornings on the roof working on my tan. It didn't do much though, I guess my Scandinavian skin just isn't that susceptible to sun...
In the beginning of July, we went to Italy on our somewhat annual trip of various constellations. It was warm, and we spent the days sunbathing, eating watermelon, driving around in the mountains and drinking wine.
After a few days in my father's house, we drove out to the coast of Amalfi which was stunningly beautiful.
There's just something about cities draped over mountainsides.
And lots of gelato.
In Amalfi, I signed the contract of the apartment back in Copenhagen, so it was mine when I returned and I spent a couple of weeks moving in, having it painted, cleaning the floors and buying furniture. Heaven!
And suddenly all my things were there and it felt just right and I noticed how light everything was and grew accustomed to the sounds of the street and people in the adjacent apartments. I made it a home.
And discovered new favourite cafés in the area. Really, there's just the one, but I love it.
My father and his wife moved into the city and I said goodbye to the north coast.
I threw a housewarming party in the beginning of September and I love this photo of NP and his girlfriend. They look so happy.
There were brunches in the house.
And summer stretched into September before surrendering so there were warm walks by the lakes and sunsets.
In late September, I went to London on assignment and got hit by a longing to live abroad again. I hated that and spent the next weeks analyzing why I just can't seem to settle somewhere, and it made me sad and confused and scared.
But I tried writing my way out of it and talking it over with my friends, and sometime in November, I started feeling OK again.
A weekend at my mother's with some of the brothers and their girlfriends did the trick.
I went to Malmö for a day trip with a hungover Kristiane and we marveled over the beautiful small streets and how it's all a bit different just a 20 minute train ride away.
My grandparents moved to Southern Sealand and I went and visited them in their new apartment. It felt strange that they were not in their home of 50 years anymore, and in such a different part of the country, but they're happy and that's all that matters.
The leaves changed and coloured everything gold.
And then suddenly I turned 29 and was celebrated lavishly by friends and family and felt so happy that despite an unsure job situation and financial worries, there are people in my life that I love and who love me, and sometimes that's just everything you need. I hope for a great 2017, one where the world has a fresh chance to let in more light, and one where I can hopefully feel a little less lost. Happy New Year!

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