04 December 2016

A perfect Sunday

I was supposed to work a lot all day today but ended up pushing work for the evening. Instead, I met up with Tine for a long walk around Nørrebro. We took coffee to go and talked and talked and laughed. It was wonderful. When the sun had gone down beneath the buildings, I hugged Tine goodbye at Jægersborggade and met up with Chris for a slow walk home through Nørrebrogade and Superkilen. I love living close to my friends, I really missed that when I lived in Berlin.
We walked around Assistensen Cemetery and looked at graves and talked about inappropriate stuff.
We walked down to Griffenfeldsgade and had coffee in the window at Dépanneur. Kiosks in Montreal are called dépanneurs and they had signs inside from Montreal which made me miss that city. I can't believe it's almost been four years!

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