30 November 2016


I don't think it comes as a surprise to anyone when I say that I'm a huge nostalgic. I am still debating whether it's good or bad that I spend a lot of time reminiscing and thinking about the past - for instance I'm going through a fase at the moment where I miss the year 1998. Don't ask me why. So my nostalgia has gone off the charts the last few days as I've gone through all the photos on my external harddrive. As in all... I'm making a photo wall in the apartment and I needed to find great photos for it. Oh my god. It surprised me just how many photos I've taken over the last 10 years, and it made me almost cry to look at all the great things that happened and I sort of relived the last decade in fast-forward a few times. And of course I thought I'd share a few of the photos I collected here;
Berlin Festival 2010. It was one of the first events I covered as an intern in Berlin and we had fun.
Napoli last year with the ladies.
My grandfather in the house in North Jutland 2010.
My grandmother, Easter 2008. I feel like this is the essence of her; always grinning about something and with a glass of wine in her hand.
NP and AE in the Israeli desert 2011.
With my favourite gang, Gran Sasso 2015.
Young brothers, 2007.
In Stockholm with the ladies 2014.
The gang plus Fredericke, 2012. I love how they never look like anybody else.
My uncle lying in snow 2016.
AnCa and I getting serious, 2011.
Our dog Rosa (I miss her) as a puppy, 2006.
Teaching my grandmother how to iPad, 2015.
The goodbye party, Berlin 2011.
With my grandmother in Paris, 1988 or 89.
Kathrine in her old windowsill as she took care of my heartache with wine, 2011.
The youngest in 1999. I LOVE this photo.
My parents graduated in 1980 and looked so young.
Kathrine and I had a lot of empty bottles after a party in Aarhus, 2010.
The night we ran down to the sea and swam one drunken night in 2010, days before I left for Berlin.
When we moved into The White Castle, October 2011.
When we were kicked out of Berlin Festival, 2010.
The first official band photo, 2007.
My brothers taking in Grand Canyon, 2006.
Amalie giving first aid to a guy in Berlin, 2011.

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