16 November 2016

A Tuesday morning

I'm losing sleep these days; I didn't sleep all night between Friday and Saturday, and since then I haven't gotten my usual 8 hours. This morning, it was dark when I woke up and every fiber in my body longed for slipping back under the warm covers. But I got up and went downtown to meet Chris for breakfast. It's a thing we have; we meet before work and have coffee and talk. Today, a fog covered the city as if it didn't want to wake up either, but it was beautiful and quiet. I like mornings that start with conversations and coffee.
We met at Atelier September, and for once it wasn't completely packed and over-heated. We got the window seats with the beautiful marble table and an undisturbed view over Gothersgade where people biked past on their way to work.
The painted ladies were grainy and muffled under the fog.
I like that it looks like the building straight ahead has been cut in two.
Our window seat and leftovers of two avocado-on-bread and a soft boiled egg.
Bredgade vanished in fog as I walked back.

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