23 November 2016

A little self-promovation

Actually, this is long overdue, but back in May I spent an evening being filmed. DSB, the Danish railway company - who I used to intern for back in the day, if anyone here remembers that far back - has made a few one-minute videos with people showing and talking about their favourite way to spend a weekend. I recommend going out exploring your city. Try and walk around a different neighborhood and notice the details. I learned to do that when I moved to Berlin and started photographing for this blog. I noticed I got to know the city by taking pictures of it and connecting myself to the places I went. Sadly, the video is in Danish, but you can have a look at it right here. I still can't believe that I sound like that.... At least I got to flaunt my yellow summer-coat. (And the top photo is me goofing around in Snapchat one night when I was supposed to do a bit of writing. That filter does wonders for my face, I wish I looked like that all the time)


MusicIsMySecret said...

Sjovt at høre din stemme efter så mange år. 😊 Jeg husker også byen bedre, når jeg tager billeder af den.

karen sofie said...

Heh, ja, det kan jeg forestille mig :) Sjovt at høre, at jeg ikke er den eneste med fotohukomelse!