11 November 2016

A little about everything

Wow, was it tough to get out of bed Wednesday morning. For months, as nothing seemed to stop Trump, I had had a growing feeling that the election might turn out the way it did. When others were sure Hillary would win, I always hesitated. Despite that, I was properly shocked when waking up to the news that it had indeed gone the way it did. That millions of people had expressed faith in a man so incapable of making sense to me. All the things he's said, the way he seems to not actually understand the world and the consequences of acting and saying what he has. I was horrified. It accentuated that the values I believe in, that I feel are so important and obvious to the better for everyone, is not shared by everyone. That for many people, the exact opposite of my values is what they believe in. I'm not saying that I didn't know that before, but the extent of it I don't think I did. So I sat in my bed for a long time contemplating the possible outcomes of this. And then I picked myself up and went on with the things on the day's agenda; working, meeting a friend for coffee, watching 'The Crown' on Netflix, making dinner. It seemed like unimportant things at first, but I realized they were needed to make me believe that things will go on. Now it's up to us to make our voices heard and fight for the things we believe in. If we don't, nobody will.
On that note, here are some other glimpses of the week that passed;
The sun has been shining and it makes my working space aka my living room so much better.
Last week, I had breakfast with Ida at the café so oddly called 'Vi mødtes gennem ruden' (We met through the window). The spread was lavish and it was such an indulgence.
The sun shone brightly and gave a quick reminder of what summer looks like.
In the weekend I went to Jutland to visit my mum. I needed a break from things and it did the trick. We had long laughs, watched films, went flea-hunting and ate a little café somewhere in the northwest of Jutland. It was wonderful.
I wrote about this vase on Instagram.
This is where I went after the election with Iben. Yellow always helps.
The view from my kitchen window this morning. You can definitely tell it's cold; the shadows are long and the air crisp. At least the sun is shining.

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