10 December 2011

2 x Christmas lunch

It was only 16 yesterday, when we cracked open the first bottle of champagne as my work had this year's Christmas lunch. We had food and the obligatory games before hitting the 'dancefloor' with 80s music - and therefore plenty of comments like "This song is from before you were born!" Ah, it's great to be the youngest at work... When midnight came, I defied the storm and met up with Anna to crash DR's Christmas lunch in DR-Byen. We had to sneak in as it's not open for outsiders, and then we pretty much danced all night. My night ended in the concert hall which I sort of broke into before heading home to Nørrebro in a cab. I had my punishment today as I haven't been able to do anything but sit and sleep. Oh, terrible. The apartment is full of strangers as Anna is throwing her class a Christmas lunch. So I guess the festivity will continue tonight.

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