23 December 2011

Marcipan perfectionism

Christmas has begun. I'm in the north with a lot of people - tonight we went beserk in marcipan, nougat, dades (from my aunt's place in Israel) and chocolate... My perfectionist little brother made ONE piece, the rest of us made a lot. At least one tradition is in order. Later we played a Jewish game with nuts and a little dradle and thus merged traditions from both sides of the family (my father's sister lives in Israel).

 Sølve's psycho piece made with a tweezer... It came out really nice, as usual.
Along with less flattering pieces I contributed with the nasty finger (and the toe lying next to it) while my youngest brother built his own Formula 1 race car...


Anonymous said...

Hvor er de vilde! :) Skummel finger - men bilen er super sej!
God jul!

karen sofie said...

Haha, ja det er sådan ret typisk for vores konfektlavning... God jul til dig også :)