01 December 2014

A photoshoot above the city

It is so cold here these days. I think back and wonder how I survived -40 degrees in Montreal when, now, I feel as if I'm dying because it's 2 degrees out. On Saturday, I defied the cold and went to Østerbro to photograph Mette for the Best Wishes project for which I am the Copenhagen editor (read the first entry here about Signe!). Mette lives in one of Copenhagen's first high-rises, built in 1961, and the view from the 16th floor roof was amazing. Especially since we came up there just when the sun started to go down behind the buildings. Here's a little preview of what went down that afternoon.
On one side we had Nordhavn, the new area in Copenhagen that is being built right now. It's weird knowing it won't be finished until I'm well into my 40s... I wonder what the world - and my world - will look like by then.
I don't think I know anything more beautiful than buildings from above.
Mette and I know each other from back when I was working with the railway company DSB. That was in 2011.
She's a great instagrammer (find her here)
Sunlight colouring everything. Glorious.

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