19 December 2014


So, I turned 27 on Wednesday. During the recent years, my birthday and my age has meant a lot of anxiety because I didn't feel I was where I should be at that particular age - but as I turned 26 last year, I started to not care. Because I'm living my life as I want to live it, and that's good. So this year's birthday was welcomed, especially because I've mistakenly thought for almost an entire year that I was already 27... I am crazy busy these days so my birthday was mostly spent working, but I did wake up to Kathrine singing birthday song for me, and she'd been up for hours making a lavish breakfast table before going to work. How great is that! The sun shone and at night I had dinner with some good friends and went home full with laughter and red wine. Great birthday! I didn't take any pictures that day, but here's what else I've been up to lately;
One afternoon, I met up with Tine for some photographing and a coffee. The sky has been grey pretty much all of December, but when it's not too depressing, it makes for good light.
Magstræde, one of the oldest streets in Copenhagen. And one of the most picturesque!
On Sunday, I was very hungover. I'd had a birthday celebration the night before, and despite not being too drunk, I suffered a lot the next day. I think that's what you call age. Unfortunately.
This brunch was enjoyed a couple of weeks ago.
Last Friday, it rained all day and I had coffee in Elmegade with Cecilie.
The next day, there was sun. Oh I wish there'd be more sun!


susanne said...

have a great wekend - maybe with some sunrays ..

karen sofie said...

Thank you! You too :)