03 December 2014

Nordic voices

There's something mesmerizing about nordic voices. I don't know why, but they seem clearer, more outer-worldly. These days, I'm listening to a Norwegian singer called Siri Nilsen. I don't think I've ever listened to Norwegian music before, but this somehow hits me. Maybe it's the cold weather and the feeling of fitting right into that nordic sound of cool, like if it's sung from inside an ice palace. She even sings in Norwegian.
Another Norwegian is Emilie Nicolas. Both Norwegians just sent out their albums and they're cool and beautiful. Just right for days in the grey cold.
When I was in Stockholm a few weeks ago, I went into the Monki store on Götgatan. They played this heavenly song by a voice you couldn't mistake for a Swede, and I talked about it with Iben. "Oh, she's one of my friends, she lives just around the corner," said the sales girl when she overheard us talking. So we found out that the singer is called Linn Öberg, and 'Parades' has been spinning in my head every since (sorry, there's only a live version here).

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