26 August 2015

Back when summer was here

On Saturday, I was scorched by the sun. I sat on Dronning Louise's Bridge in Copenhagen with my friend Klaudia and we agreed - stupidly - that the sun isn't that sharp in late August. Neither of us were wearing sunscreen. Later that night, my skin burned and I felt like an idiot. The sun hasn't been out since and I almost feel like that sunburn might have been the last one this summer. Things are good, though. I'm very busy freelancing and it's good to be working again after my two week summer vacation. I am also battling a cold that has now been going on for 16 days. I'm getting tired of that. However, the next two weekends will be great; first Berlin then Milan. Life is alright!
On Wednesday, I went to Christianshavn to do an interview. The weather was beautiful and we sat by the canals talking. It was wonderful.
The next day, I was fighting deadlines, and because we had the car, my brother and I drove down to the sea to have ice cream. It was a nice break.
I spent the weekend in the city. On Saturday night, Tine and I hung out and watched movies and giggled and gossiped.
I started my Sunday with breakfast with Kathrine. We ate at Mirabelle in Guldbergsgade, which I can not recommend. Sure, the food was good, but most of it was sold out and the staff was not very friendly. We had to wait 20 minutes for our coffees, which were then lukewarm, and the seating outside wasn't very flexible. But the company was good.
Later, I met up with Klaudia. We sat by the bridge and walked around and came by a flea market hidden in an old barn between buildings (!) where they had lots of old flags. At night, I had dinner with AnCa on her rooftop in Vesterbro, and we spent the night talking about everything, as usual, and looking forward to our trip to Berlin!
Monday morning I had brunch with Karoline in Møllers Kaffe & Køkken in Nørrebrogade. The food was great but way overpriced. I paid 150 kr for two slices of bread, three slices of avocado, an egg, three small sausages and a coffee... (I'm not hard to please, apparently...) However, it was great seeing Karoline who has just moved back from several years in Germany. Glad to have her around more.
Yesterday, I had an interview in the morning and walked through the old streets of Copenhagen. The air was moist and cold, and it was clear that autumn is just around the corner.

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