12 August 2015

The most beautiful place I've been

On Saturday, my father, my brother and I drove around the mountains and up to an old castle ruin called Rocca di Calascio. The ruin was placed on top of a mountain, and from there we had the 360 degree view to all the other mountains in the area; the mountains stretching on as far as you could see. There's something absolutely magical about nature like that; the blue tones signaling the distance, the way you can see the sun play across the plains. It was breathtaking;
On our way up, we came across these charming little cities that look like they're climbing up the mountains.
Rocca Calascio is the old ruin castle and the small ruin town adjacent, which is now being renovated and slowly opening to the public as authentic b&b's and little restaurants. Beneath the ruin town is the newer town called Calascio.
Just look at that!
My father and youngest brother tried to look cool as we were trekking our way up the mountainside.
Pretty good view from those houses!
The old castle. It was also used as a filming location for several movies including 'The name of the rose'.
People turned into small dots in front of that scenery.
I tried the good old tourist trick of 'I'm-just-pushing-the-castle-into-place'...
My father.
Those shadowy mountains...
AE in the ruins.
This is probably one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen.
You feel a little small against that backdrop scenery...
On our way back, we drove through Castel del Monte, another of my favourite places in the area.
The view back at the house wasn't bad either, as the sun went down being the hills.


Becca Waterloo said...

So beautiful - you'd have to travel way west in our country (2 day drive) to get that kind of landscape. So jealous!

karen sofie said...

I guess it's the same if you were to drive to Italy from DK - but yes, it's a pretty spectacular view ;)