06 August 2015


I'm in Italy hanging out in my father's house, reading books, sipping coffee and ice water and enjoying the sun. On Monday we headed further south for the little appendix Gargano. We stayed on the tip in a little town called Vieste. It was made of white buildings and glistening turquoise water, and we ate sea food and had drinks beneath the moonlight. The next day, we took a boat trip to the caves surrounding the town; sailing into some of the caves was absolutely magical. Plus, it was refreshing to have wind in my face after the heat. The splashes of cool salty sea was alright, too. Hope you're enjoying the summer wherever you are!
I flew out of Copenhagen early early Sunday morning (6 am), and the view as we left the blue was nice. I love seeing the world from above, it's like looking at the master plan.
In Vieste, I stood in front of a wall with a nice view behind it.
Just look at that water!
The streets were small and narrow and I liked the maritime feel of the white walls.
Beautiful doors and a cool brother in the distance.
We had lunch at this little hideaway; it was basically just a restaurant in the alley.
AE climbing the streets.
Ah! Blue skies, white houses, palm trees.
He hates when I ask him to stand in front of a wall, but he put on a good smile.
Siblings in a mirrored door with a dress flying high.
This is Italy in a nutshell!
It's the Italians' holiday at the moment so we were basically the only ones on the boat tour not from Italy - or France. And everybody took pictures at the right moments.
Beauty in the water.
A rare selfie.
Thanks for having us, Vieste, what a lovely place!


Deborah said...

Dét er altså bare tarveligt - at vise den slags fotos fra sådan et fantastisk sted, til os, der sidder her og længes ud!!! Nøj!! :)

Er kun en anelse misundelig kan du godt høre. Nu må jeg kigge og se, om jeg kan besøge selv på et tidspunkt. Som altid fantastiske fotos. Tak!

Du kan umuligt andet end at have haft en dejlig ferie så skønt et sted.

Heidi said...

Wow - that photo of the waves lapping up on the coast in succession. Stunning!
Have a lovely holiday! Excited to see what you're up to next.

You & AnCa should come out to visit me in the garden house when the apples have ripened. <3

karen sofie said...

Deborah: Hehe, det er skam ikke for at give andre dårlig samvittighed :) Men ja, rigtig dejligt sted, helt klart anbefalelsesværdigt!

Heidi: Yes, it was quite spectacular :) I'd love to come out to visit you and your man in the house, looks so cute out there. And apples would just be lovely :) Let me know when you're free and I'll drag AnCa with me!