28 August 2015

Beach House forever

Beach House's new album drops today. I've been pre-listening to it all week via NPR, and it is great. Just as I hoped and knew it would be. Beach House is something very special to me. I first discovered them in the first weeks of 2010 when I was living in Aarhus, but crashing at Chris' couch in Copenhagen. We'd cross the snowy Enghave Plads for night coffees, while the winter darkness seemed to swallow us up. But I didn't love them until later that year in Berlin when I had moved there. During the last weeks of 2010, I walked around the snowy city in a sort of haze, and their dreamy, drony sounds mirrored my feelings of being both incredibly happy and also just caught in the thought-frenzy that is the 20s. I know every single song by heart. "Holy Dances" reminds me of walking through the snow one day in Mitte when I had done an interview at a museum. The rattles of the tambourine still sounds like the snow-flakes that were falling from the sky.
In 2012, the album 'Bloom' came out. I was living in Copenhagen, and I was torn between a devastating heartbreak, longing for Berlin and also being sort of happy about living in the Castle and Nørrebro and having a really great job. The music once again struck something in me and mirrored those feelings. The songs of 'Bloom' remind me of spring along the yellow wall of Assistens Kirkegård. Biking around the city, and that nagging feeling in my stomach I had that year.
I listen to Beach House often. I know I can always put it on and go somewhere inside myself. Whether it's joy, melancholy, sadness or something else, the music is there. It's hard to fully describe what it is all about, but I guess that's the beauty of it. "Better Times" is probably the song I've listened to the most in the world. It reminds me of being really sad over a boy, but also biking through Berlin and feeling joy out to my fingertips.
Now they have released a new album. And I am three years older than last time. I'm once again living in a suitcase and perhaps on the brink of a new, great chapter. We'll see. No matter what, I know that Beach House will be a big part of the soundtrack.

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