31 October 2016

20 years

This Saturday, I celebrated a very special event. This autumn, it's been 20 years since I met AnCa, one of my closest, funniest, sweetest and dearest friends. We were just 8 years old when we met in 3rd grade when I had moved back to Denmark from France. I was a goofy child, always up for making up stories and creating universes and laughing. AnCa was the same, she understood me and we spent the next 5 years playing, dreaming, laughing and getting to know each other with our guards down as children do. When I moved away, our friendship died out and we spent the next 9 years apart, growing up, going to high school and starting university in separate parts of the country. But luck would have it that we both wound up going to Berlin in August 2010. "Do you want to meet up for a coffee?" we wrote to each other on Facebook. When we met on Kauf Die Glücklich the night before starting our new jobs in the city, it was like hitting the play-button again, like we'd never been apart. Maybe it was so easy finding each other again because we knew each other as kids, as who we are instead of who we wanted to be as adults. We share the Berlin chapter and have been best friends since. I can't imagine not having her in my life, and I'm so happy fate made us both end up in Berlin in 2010. Here's to many many more years together with this cool, funky, hilarious, generous, supporting, creative, wonderful friend!

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