20 October 2016


Yesterday, I spent the whole day in Fredensborg, a little town north of Copenhagen that I consider to be the closest thing to a hometown for me. I've moved around a lot, but I have lived in Fredensborg twice and 8 years in total, and I love that place. I went up there with Tine, one of my best friends. We go back to primary school and we spent the day at her parents' house. It was like being 15 again, and it was so magical walking around, seeing my old house, breathing the fresh air of the forest and just reminisce about the years I spent in Fredensborg. The leaves were on fire which only added to the magic.
Just look at those leaves...!
The castle is one of my favourites around because it's so simple and elegant.
Oh just look at that!
The park has changed a lot since I moved away from Fredensborg in 2007. It's been restored to its original state which means that lots of trees have been cut down or moved. I liked the more raw park from before but I guess there's a reason for everything...


Kate Kwok said...

Beautiful! Love your photography style. xo

karen sofie said...

Thank you so much. Happy to hear that! Have a great weekend :)