12 December 2013

A walk in the kiez

The other day I needed a walk. I have decided not to hand in my assignment after all, everything went wrong and it was such a difficult process. So I needed that walk to convince myself that I am not entirely a big failure, and it really helped getting some fresh air down my lungs and putting one leg in front of the other. I walked down to my new favourite kiez; Richardkiez. (Kiez = little area, community, often centered around one street, in this case Richardstraße). The area is made of old houses, small and neat, beautifully ornamented. It's survived the war bombings and is a little window into how Berlin has looked prior to all the evil that happened to the city in the 20th century. I like walking around there, it feels like being in the country.
It feels like the sky over Berlin has been grey forever. I know it's probably the same in Copenhagen, but I'm really looking forward to a change of scenery when I go north for the Christmas holiday...
 That little orange house made my day. And the lamp!
 I came across a little market.
 Behind the windows is a cinema.


Becca Waterloo said...

Oh no - what does that mean you didn't turn your assignment in? What is it for?

I know the feeling... I studied so hard and long for my test in November, only to fail it miserably. You learned from the experience, no matter what. You will face a new challenge soon! Also I think these are my favorite photos of yours yet!

karen sofie said...

Becca: Long story, everything went wrong, I started far too late, the sources were difficult, the usual. It is my ba finishing journalism school. I will redo it in spring, but it was a tough one. Hope you passed your second try on that November test - those school assignments are a drag…!
And thank you so much for the praise on the photos, I'm very happy to hear that :)