20 December 2013

Copenhagen glimpses

Man oh man, things are busy when you're visiting the north! The days are spent running around the city trying to catch every coffee date I've made. But it's nice, and I can't tell you how my heart is bursting with love for all the fantastic people I know here. So a little stress is quite alright. My birthday was superb, I felt extremely lucky from 6,30 in the morning when I was woken up to a breakfast table in the north to midnight where I was having a small party at a café in Copenhagen surrounded by 20 of my favourite people. Bliss!
My birthday on Tuesday (turned 26) started at 6,30 when my father and his wife woke me up for a half hour breakfast before they went to work and my youngest brother left for high school. NP was also home, and when we had waved the others off, we went back to bed for another two hours of sleep.
Later, I went into Copenhagen, had dinner with Chris and AnCa and headed over to Din Nye Ven (Sankt Peders Stræde 34, Indre By) where friends from near and far came. There were the lovely high school ladies, fellow journalists, the oldest young brother and his girlfriend and almost the whole crew from Montreal. The night ended at a smoky bar downtown before I walked back through the foggy, sleepy town. What a truly great way to celebrate a new year.
Foggy city…!
The next morning I met up with Christoffer and Esben at Dyrehaven (Sønder Boulevard 72, Vesterbro) for some Danish lunch classics and a long talk.
Later, I walked into town for some Christmas shopping and met up with AnCa. We had coffee at Democratic Coffee (Krystalgade 15, Indre By), walked around and had some epic laughs as always.
 At night, I headed over to Hviids Vinstue (Kongens Nytorv 19, Indre By) to meet Chris, Iben, Mette and Annemie for some glögg. The place is over 200 years old, and it was stuffed with people, mostly the ones over 50. It was great! And we stayed there for hours talking and laughing.
 The architects in their matching salt'n'peppa dresses.
Yesterday, I had breakfast with Chris at Kaffe (Istedgade 90, Vesterbro) before we went downtown for some more Christmas shopping. I love Kaffe's 50 DKK breakfast; a bun with cheese, a croissant and a coffee of choice. Super.
The second coffee went down at Ricco's (Fiolstræde 42, Indre By) with a peek-a-boo Chris in the window.
Later, I met with Cecilie at Bertels (Falkoner Allé 54, Frederiksberg) for a cheesecake and some catching up. She's one of the only people I've known since I was born, and she's like family (no photos though, my camera acted up!). Now I'm in the north for another few hours before going back into the city.


Hanna said...

Happy birthday! Love all your photos in Berlin. I'm planning to move to London next year and I definitely want to visit Berlin and Copenhagen.

karen sofie said...

Thank you! Sounds good with London, that's another great city - have a happy Christmas!

Helene said...

I just stumble upon your blog and I really like it a lot. It's funny to see Copenhagen and Danish traditions described in English. Funny to see it in another perspective. I also love all your beautiful and cosy pics. I'm definitely going to follow you from now on :)

karen sofie said...

Helene: Thank you so much, how good to hear :) Welcome to the site!