15 December 2013

The birthday / housewarming

Yesterday I had my first party in the apartment. It was both a birthday and a housewarming party, and the house was full of some of my favourite Berlin people. It was great. Unfortunately, my camera is really rubbish at party photos as it's a little trickier to handle than the Canon - so not so many great shots…
 Julia and Pete looking lovely.
 I love this photo of scaryface Cordula (who wore her hair in Scandi fashion for the occasion.)
 Klaus and Jamin hanging out in the kitchen - notice Jamin's Mr Darcy rain deer sweater!
 Sweet Lisa.
 Ervin was there, too.


Becca Waterloo said...

looks fun! happy early birthday! you look super cute

karen sofie said...

Thank you :) And yes, it was a fun night. Now on to the next party!