07 December 2013

Skipping school

After having spent around 16 hours a day in front of my desk for about two weeks straight, I needed to get out of the house. So Cordula and I braved the cold storms this morning and went for the fleamarket at the Treptower Halle. "Uh, it's inside, it must be nice and warm," I thought… Ha! At least we had loads of fun looking at old crap and gold, and Cordula found a lamp she had been looking for.
 While waiting for the bus at Schlesi, the Trabi safari came bouncing by. I love those old GDR cars, but I think it's a shame they've coloured them in crazy stripes...
 Look at that gorgeous ceiling!
 New, old, and letters.
Happy face!
After having carried the heavy lamp to the 4th floor, we treated ourselves to some food at Gipfeltreffen (Görlitzer Str. 68, Kreuzberg). I had Maultaschen, which is a traditional German dish. Cordula explained, that the sort of filled pasta was invented to 'cheat God' - on Fridays, apparently it was forbidden to eat meat, so they would mix meat and vegetables and 'hide' it inside the pasta so 'God wouldn't find out'. Germans… But it tasted great. (Cordula had Spätzle, another traditional pasta-ish dish).
Oh, and I tried on this foxy coat. It kind of grew on me although it makes me look even rounder than I already am - photo from Cordula's phone.

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