24 January 2012

Coffee afternoon and kids

The sun is shining from a blue sky these days, and the temperature drops below freezing point. It's so cold! I sleep with double covers, in sweaters and all, and I still don't feel quite warm... But it's beautiful, and this afternoon, as I was standing in Balders Plads waiting for Mette and Iben to join me for coffee, just as the sun dropped behind the houses in the distance, I heard birds singing and felt for a moment that spring wasn't far away. I love how I always manage to talk myself into feeling it's spring when clearly it's not. But there it was. A few minutes later, we were sitting inside sipping coffee, eating our way through a very generous - and delicious - cheesecake and talking about everything. The perfect way to spend the time of day where light becomes dark.

 The last afternoon sun lighting up the top of the buildings. I love winter light.
 Røde Roses Kaffebar, Balders Plads 65, 2200 Nørrebro.
 Beautiful plate, beautiful cake.
 It felt like sitting in a living room, very cosy with children running around.
 We started drawing and attracted some 5-year-old girls that wanted to sit with us and draw. They drew earrings, we drew patterns and accidentally cursed a lot...
 The little nook under the stairs reminded me of playing under my grandparents' staircase when I was a child. It was strictly forbidden for grown-ups, and the code word for getting in was always 'banana split' for some reason...


Amalie said...

Jeg kørte forbi forleden og tænkte nøj! der må jeg ind. Jeg plejer at være i det hood hele tiden, men dem, der bor der, er rejst. Tager du mig med en dag?

karen sofie said...

Det kan du tro, jeg gør, Amalie-musen!